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We don’t just supply quality office products; we provide a complete range of professional business services and solutions. Chances are - if you need something, we’ll have, do, stock, produce, or be able to source it.


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Office Supplies & Stationery 


We’ve all been there: the biro’s out of ink and the stock cupboard’s empty. Managing office supplies is a demanding task.Thankfully, The Roman Group makes life easier. With thousands of quality office products available, our web store features all the nation’s favourite stationery and desktop accessories and because we monitor the market daily, we can offer you unbeatable prices on all our ranges.  Now you don’t have to waste time scouring the net for the cheapest pen, you can get back to what you do best.


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Janitorial Equipment 


People often ask why businesses from almost every industry and sector come to The Roman Group for their janitorial supplies. It’s simple. We supply a specialist range of cleaning products which are both high-power and low-cost. You can get whatever you need with a quick call and, unlike supermarket products, all our equipment is COSHH certified. That means you can meet your legal UK requirements without the usual hassle. So here’s our question to you: ‘what’s stopping you clean up with The Roman Group?’


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Catering Supplies


Some say the United Kingdom was built on tea. Others prefer coffee. Whether it’s fizzy drinks, hot cocoa, biscuits, chocolate or crisps - whatever helps you through the day, we have it. We buy from the UK’s #1 wholesaler so you’re guaranteed to save money with every cup. You’d be surprised at how much businesses just like yours save from every year by making a simple switch so next time you’re craving your favourite brew and the caddy's empty, get in touch.


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Technology and Managed Print Solutions


From stocking paper and toner to selecting the right business machines for each department, overseeing technology and Managed Print Supplies (MPS) can be an administrative nightmare. Let us take the pain away. We’ll help you determine who orders what, why and when, monitor stock levels and assess your real technology needs. Take a few simple steps and let us help you get the technology you need, slash bills and make management effortless.


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Personalised Gifts and merchandise


Whether you’re building customer loyalty, prospecting to new clients, or running a new incentive campaign, branded merchandise drives sales and increases demand. From pens and cups, coasters to work wear, personalised merchandise come in many forms. With the right quality, they’ll bring your brand to life in the eyes of both customers and employees. That means increased trust, loyalty and – naturally – lots more sales!


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Workwear & Personal Protective Equipment


Look, feel and act the part with our extensive collection of work-wear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We’ll help your employees feel like a team by giving them a personalised uniform they can be proud of – whether that includes shirts embroidered with your logo or trousers that don’t rip under duress.


We can also help you ensure your workforce isn’t exposed to risk by giving them the legal PPE they deserve. All our products are sourced from a vast network of the industry’s most trusted suppliers and tested to rigorous safety standards. Whether it’s safety glasses, ear defenders, hard-hats or steel toe-capped boots, our products are unrivalled for both price and quality.


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Rubber Stamps


Sore wrist? Save countless hours of arduous paperwork by getting your very own rubber stamp personalised to your specifications. Choose from a vast selection of options, including traditional ink pads, self-inking stamps, wax seals and date stamps. There’s no job too big or too small for The Roman Group. Simply tell us what you want and we’ll design, create and return it to you in days. A few seconds now: hours saved later. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t bothered earlier!


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It’s all for Charity...

From money received for recyling empty toner & inkjet cartridges, Roman has managed to make donations to the following charities.